About Us

Mykonos Sandals was first opened in Mykonos in 1948 by Michael Rampias. His sandals soon became very popular all over the world. Sadly Michael is no longer with us, but his sandal designs and ethos survive in the shop at Little Venice. 

We keep to the traditional materials, methods and designs that have been used to make Greek sandals since ancient times. The whole family are very proud of our handmade products, everything Mykonos Sandals sells must be Handmade, Greek and Leather. 

We still make our sandals the old traditional way, complete with real edge stitching for the proper authentic non-mass produced look and feel.

If you cannot find exactly what you require in our online store, we are happy to discuss bespoke orders.

How to Find Us

We are at Little Venice,  next to Veranda Bar right by the water.